GSIF Strategic Plan 2023-2027

Together towards new Horizons

Welcome to this website, where you can discover the contents of the GSIF 2023-2027 Strategic Plan and learn about the journey we have taken to co-create our future towards new Horizons.

To build this strategy GSIF has facilitated the participation of mission partners at a global level, guiding the design and articulating long-term outcomes into a Theory of Change for the next 5 years.

Along this year-long journey, we all appreciated the openness, the sense of unity and the profound sharing during intense and fruitful sessions, held in an environment of respect, trust and harmony.  We are inspired by the passion and commitment of hundreds of mission partners from around the world towards the Mission.

Our wish is that with this new plan, GSIF will strengthen its role and ‘act as one’ with all mission partners.  Individually and collectively, we will give the best of ourselves to fulfill, with zeal and compassion, our vision for a world where girls, women and children, especially those deprived of their rights and dignity, can live their lives in full relationship with all.  

Joan Lopez Congregational Leader
Hubert Janssen GSIF President
Cristina Duranti
GSIF Director

Rome, February 2023

The GSIF new strategic planning process

During all of 2022, GSIF had been called to evaluate its 2017-2022 strategic planning and to imagine the future 5 years together with its founding Congregation and its partners. 

The strategic planning journey was highly participative at the global level, gathering insights from Units and partners at the grassroots level. GSIF used the methodology of Theory of Change (ToC) and articulated key outcomes calling all partners to contribute towards this vision for change.

The engaging and constructive contribution of each participant, grounded in deep listening and generative conversation resulted in a deeper understanding of the interconnections among GSIF partners from around the world and across the Horizons.

With the new strategic plan, GSIF will ‘act as one’ with all mission partners, responding with zeal and compassion to the needs of girls, women and children for a dignified and fruitful life.

A journey of participatory planning

Strategic Plan Evaluation
2017-2021 Strategic Plan Evaluation
June 9
Virtual meeting
Global virtual meeting on Evaluation Results
June 13-14
ToC Training
ToC Training Kick off
Identification of Horizons
Identification of Horizons and long-term outcomes
Virtual Meetings
Virtual preparatory meetings
September 7-9
GSIF Strategic Planning Workshop
Review and Integration
Plausibility & Feasibility, Integration, Simplification, Prioritization
Monitoring & Evaluation system / Finalized narrative maps
JAN 2023
Approval CLT and GSIF Board
Final materials
Final Editing and Infographics
Presentation to stakeholders and the whole Congregation

GSIF and OLGCS Congregation

The Good Shepherd International Foundation (GSIF) is the non-profit organization created in 2008 by the Congregation of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd (OLCGS) to support the development of its programs in the most impoverished areas of the world. The Congregation, founded in France in 1835 by Saint Mary Euphrasia Pelletier, is currently present in 68 countries. 

For the past 14 years GSIF has supported the Congregation’s programs for girls, women and children in 37 countries of Africa, Middle East, Latin America and Asia Pacific through a partnership model based on shared mission and values.

GSIF & OLCGS eco-system: co-designing and co-evolving

GSIF believes in a systemic approach to change. This implies that all GSIF members and partners commit to change at both individual and organizational level, while enabling transformation in the broader society.

GSIF shares the same mission of the OLCGS Congregation to primarily address the needs of: “Those impoverished by social injustice who are the most adversely affected by the current ecological, economic and political crises, particularly girls, women and children” .

GSIF believes that in response to these crises, girls and women should play a leading role in promoting an integral model of development , founded on justice and solidarity.


A world where girls, women and children, especially those deprived of their rights and dignity, can live their lives in full relationship with all. 


To enable the Congregation’s programs in the most impoverished areas of the world, to promote a global culture of justice, facilitating capacity development, international fundraising and networking among mission partners. 


In this Horizon we see fully engaged mission partners carrying on the mission and living spirituality, justice and good practice. For this to happen, this Plan envisions the changes needed to implement that “co-responsibility” among partners that the Congregation has called for since 2004 in line with the synodal journey.

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In this Horizon we see Congregation’s programs that operate within equitable structures, ensuring accountability to just and ethical practices. For this Horizon looks at the changes needed within and outside the OLCGS systems, especially in geographical areas where justice and accountability systems are weaker, to strengthen our existing works of justice  and embrace a “mindset of abundance” to generate “enough to feed all”. 

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In this Horizon we see communities that enable their members to enjoy their rights and promote integral development. For this Horizon envisions that local mission partners and program participants shall be the protagonists of a model of human and economic development that combines social justice, women empowerment and care for the environment. 

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In envisioning its future, GSIF is called to discern how to support the Congregation in sustaining the continuation of the mission, making the best use of its resources and of its rich spiritual heritage. Horizon 4 calls for changes that enable a safe and risk-free mission development. 

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Thematic focus

GSIF will continue to support the Congregation’s programs focusing on:

  • Girls and women’s well-being and leadership development

  • Economic justice and livelihoods 

  • Safeguarding and protection of people in vulnerable conditions

  • Food security and care for the environment

  • Safe migrations and anti-human trafficking

GSIF’s areas of intervention



Organizational and Capacity Development

Policies and Standards

Global Partnership Development

Research and Advocacy

Highlights from the journey

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