GSIF Past Strategic Planning Evaluation

In 2021, GSIF concluded its 5-years strategic plan which focused on Enhancing capacities of partners in mission, Increasing and diversifying funding for programs, and Strengthening cooperation globally. From December 2021 to March 2022 GSIF engaged an external evaluation agency, Mapping Change to assess the GSIF 2017-2021 Strategic Plan.

The purpose was to assess GSIF’s achievements against its strategic outcomes, highlight any weaknesses or strengths of the strategic plan, promote internal learning, and offer recommendations and guidance for the next cycle of strategic planning. The final results of the evaluation have been presented and discussed in a global virtual meeting on June 9th attended by more than 150 people from the Good Shepherd network.  

According to the evaluation team, during the implementation period, the past strategic plan GSIF has proved to be very effective in delivering results, providing extensive and high-quality support to lead to the growth of all the Units and local partners it worked with. GSIF contributed to the achievement of the mission with a very high level of professionalism, expertise, and capacity to bring technical support.